Request a Support for DTS Go-Live

The customer is authorized to request one-weekend support for Go-Live.

Requesting process consists of a set of activities and prerequisites:

In this section:

  1. At least 4 weeks before the date of the planned go-live, the Customer contacts the Manager of Product support (“Manager“ in the next text) by sending an email to: and informs him about the intention.

  2. Manager checks the resources for a specific weekend. If there is a resource bottleneck, he offers another suitable date with the Customer.

  3. At least one week before the date of go-live, the Customer opens an OSS incident with low priority (follow ), with the connectivity to all affected systems and valid logon data (please check required The expiry date of connectivity/logon data exceeds the go-live date.

  4. Together with opening an OSS incident, the Customer delivers to the Manager a dry-run report signed by the authorized officer for a GO with dry-run hardware and software configuration and settings, results, and a statement that go-live will take place under the same conditions. If anything changes, it has to be recorded in the statement.

  5. Prior to the go-live date, the Datavard consultant assigned for GO support (“Consultant” in text) will check the accessibility of the system, authorizations, the conformity with the dry-run report. In case of any discrepancies, the Consultant informs the Customer and asks for corrections to be applied latest one day before the go-live date.

In case of any issues during go-live, the Customer opens an OSS incident with high or very high priority (following and – based on the urgency – contacts Consultant by phone. Customer’s and Consultant’s activities related to the issue are being recorded to an OSS incident.