Datavard Glue

Datavard Glue is a certified by

Datavard Glue is certified middleware for integrating SAP systems with big data and cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, Cloudera, and Google Cloud Platform. Thanks to the bi-directional SAP interface, you can transfer SAP data securely and conveniently to other platforms (such as data lakes), or load data from non-SAP systems into your SAP landscape.

Extract - Transform - Load

  • Easily replicates and ”translates” SAP data
  • Supports 20+ data targets (clouds/on-premise)
  • No additional hardware needed – runs on SAP NetWeaver

Unlock SAP

  • Deciphers the SAP world for any data consumer with out-of-the-box content and contextualized data extraction
  • Self-service data requests via SAP workflow
  • Supports SAP ERP & BW object types, and any other ABAP SAP System

Rapid Deployment

  • Fast & Agile Development
  • High transfer speed, performance, and parallelization
  • Familiar SAPgui environment

Native Integration

  • Leveraging SAP authorizations - secures sensitive source data by replicating data protection and authorization
  • SAP Transports & Software Logistics (TMS)
  • Integrated into existing SAP workflow

SAP Data Integration with Glue

Data Sources


Data Targets

    • ERP Tables
    • Custom ABAP extractors (Business Logic ABAP API, Function Module etc.)
    • Views (HANA calculation and CDS Views)
    • BW Extractors (SAPI/ODP)
    • Info Providers (DSOs, ADSOs, Cubes)
    • BEx queries
    • Raw data

  • Automatic Extraction Templates from SAP Data Dictionary
  • Rich filtering – utilize standard SAP select options
  • Generic + Trigger-based Delta modes
  • BW dataflow integration with support of DSOs, ADSOs, InfoCubes and BEx queries
  • Bi-directional extraction & Virtualization
  • Microsoft Azure
  • AWS
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud
  • Cloudera (Hive/Impala)
  • RDBMS (MSS, Oracle, DB2, SAP HANA …)
  • Mass execution + parallelization
  • RDBMS (MSS, Oracle, DB2, …)
  • Cloud APIs (salesforce, HubSpot)

  • Cloud APIs (nifi, Kafka)

Extract – Transform – Load

Glue helps unlock Big Data environments and leverage SAP tools and skills.

  • Delta extraction from and to various data sources
  • Batch and streaming execution
  • Mass volume ready
  • Use ABAP code in extractors to integrate business logic
  • Multiple Data Sources and data targets
  • Use Glue in tandem with classical ETL tools and with SAP Data Hub
  • Ready for cloud (e.g. Azure) and on-premise

Rapid Deployment

  • Rapid prototyping
  • 100% SAP-integrated development tools
  • High-performance data access and extraction
  • Performance optimization
  • Parallelization

Native Integration

Datavard Glue is integrated natively with SAP® NetWeaver

  • Full control of SAP team (data push instead of pull)
  • SAP Authorization objects
  • SAP Development tools (ABAP Workbench, …)
  • Transport Management System
  • SAP BW