CanaryCode™ also help you monitor your SAP® systems to:

  • increase system performance
  • easily fix bottlenecks for business needs 
  • safeguard availability before it impacts on your business or users
  • stabilize and reduce ETL runtime (up to 64% improvement)
  • shorten critical path of process chains

Essential business operations require quick access to data. However, growing data in SAP® systems often cause unstable and slow data upload and thus data are not available on time. According to SAP® and Standish Group, 67% of mission-critical applications consume over 9 hours downtime per month.

How it works

CanaryCode™ all systems from one central place (e.g. your Solution Manager) by collecting KPI’s from all connected systems. You can choose from over 100 predefined KPIs or define your own in a breath.

With the data captured, CanaryCode™

  • analyzes trends
  • correlates indicators
  • sends alerts
  • analyze traces to find the root cause and
  • eventually make your SAP®  systems to run efficiently.

Datavard CanaryCode™ further analyses the system during the time of monitoring and offers recommendations what happened or could happen in the system.