Outboard Archiving for ERP

Datavard Outboard Archiving for ERP is a storage solution for storing SAP data and unstructured documents via SAP ArchiveLink, in a broad set of supported external storage solutions using the proprietary Datavard Storage Management. The solution implements and is certified for HTTP interface 4.5, 4.6, and 4.7 which operates on the BC AL protocol. It allows archiving of SAP data and related documents with the ability to store, search, and retrieve.

The solution is NetWeaver based (100% ABAP) which means no separate hardware nor server unit is required (reduces implementation and end-user training costs). OutboardTM Archiving for ERP is SAP Certified for native ArchiveLink interface which ensures secure data transfer and performance for data access. It completes standard SAP Archive Management as well as retains access capabilities of standard SAP transactions.

Summary of the main characteristics:

  • 100% ABAP solution
  • Service is hosted on SAP Application Server
  • Certified for SAP ArchiveLink 7.40
  • Enables leverage the best-fit storage in terms of TCO and performance
  • Together with Outboard Datatiering BW enables unified use of the same storage for BW NLS and ArchiveLink data sources

Datavard OutBoard™ helps to:

  • reduce all operational efforts and expenses
  • decrease the system size
  • keep archived data readily available
  • raise the system performance (esp. data load, backups, and recovery)
  • simplify your systems' administration

Archive or delete old data

Control data growth

Reduce operational costs

Get ready for HANA